Mom hit by falling Central Park tree to sue city

Heartbreaking story of a mother of three who was severely injured when a tree in Central Park fell on her last month… The City of NY is responsible for maintaining trees in public spaces, but remember you’re responsible for trees on your property! Avoid an accident by keeping your trees maintained – call Bronx Tree Experts today for a hazardous tree inspection, safety first! Tel 718-450-9292


The mother of three who was severely injured when a tree in Central Park fell on her last month plans to sue the city for $200 million, her attorneys said Wednesday.

Anne Monoky Goldman, who sustained a concussion and several spine and neck fractures when she was pinned by the tree on West Drive, near 62nd Street, on Aug. 15, is expected to be bedridden for the next three to six months, her lawyers said.

“She loved her job. She loved her family. She feels it’s all been taken away from her,” Kline said. “She will never be 100 percent again.”

The lawyers filed five notices of claim, one for Goldman, her husband and the three children. They allege that the city’s Department of Parks and Recreation, Central Park Conservancy and others failed to properly maintain and care for the tree.

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