Expert Tree Removal: How Does It Works?

Trees provide your property with shade and beauty and also create some privacy for your home. Aside from providing a more friendly setting, the trees in your yard often help keep the area cooler and give off oxygen. Trees around your property make the landscape even greener until they pose a danger to the protection of your house. Over time, due to disease, age, or pest invasion, the structural integrity of a tree may decline and it may need expert tree removal services. Potential safety threats and hazards to persons, livestock, and property come with this decrease. When a fallen tree happens and it damages a house, what does it take? Prior to the case, chances are you would have wanted to have them carefully inspected or removed.

That’s when the emergency tree comes into the frame. The removal of an emergency tree by a professional arborist is a wise decision both for your protection and the appearance of your house.

When Do You Need Emergency Removal Of A Tree?

There are several accidents that specify a critical need for the removal of the 24-hour emergency tree. It is not only after an accident or natural disaster that it becomes a requirement. In order to stop these kinds of situations, avoidance is often the best practice. The best time to call an emergency tree removal service near me should therefore be identified.

Here is the list of when should an emergency tree removal be conducted:

  1. After a catastrophic storm or calamity.
  2. Diseased or dead trees.
  3. Tree roots are weak.
  4. Displeasing view.
  5. Trees that are hollow.
  6. When the tree is leaning in a certain direction.
  7. There are sprouts growing from the trunk.
  8. Big and thick dead branches.

Let’s go through each one of them.

1.   After A Catastrophic Storm Or Calamity

For Mother Nature, stormy days are never a great season. In the meantime, damaged trees around your property could lead to a messy situation. The force of a strong wind could be too impulsive and even a stable tree might be sabotaged.

There could be a storm and heavy rain all of a sudden. While trees are generally thought to be vulnerable, they may look resilient enough to withstand a storm, but the damage you won’t even notice may be internal.

In particular, a heavy storm might devastate trees when they’re a bit old. When branches start to fall down unexpectedly, it could destroy your roof and cause injury to your family in the worst-case scenario. This is a good time to call an emergency tree removal service.

Although trees damaged by the storm still  stand strong, it could potentially create a risk to the safety of your home. Make sure to immediately connect to storm destruction tree removal experts because you will never know it!

2. Diseased Or Dead Trees

There are trees that, on the first impression, look too vigorous, but from the outside, the healthy physique is in fact the complete opposite! The regular trees that you consider healthy are surprisingly diseased, more often than not. Tree disease that goes unaddressed can cause your trees to be seriously damaged. It can lead to weakness, instability, or the tree may die. Peeling bark or brittle, yellowing leaves, uneven foliage, dead branches,fungus, carpenter ants, and roots that are fragile or knotty are signals that you may have an unwell tree.

Moreover, there are also some common signs that your tree is most probably decayed and diseased when you notice unusual growth patterns, cavity marks, deep cracks, and dead twigs. Another sign that could end up in a dangerous downfall is a hollowed trunk. If a diseased tree has not been checked for a long time, its neighboring trees can also be affected.

To maintain a healthy tree, the easiest approach is to have a regular tree service. Even if a complete local emergency tree removal is not necessary, let the experts take a look to ensure disease-free growth.

Routinely checking your trees and addressing any issues early on can help avoid both dangerous and costly problems.

3. Tree Roots Are Weak

Roots are the principal foundation for maintaining the stability of a tree. But in the long run, no roots last. One of the many conditions that should not be ignored is when you notice for quite a long time that the roots are visibly rotten or ill. It may only be a matter of time before it falls if the roots look unhealthy. It’s also pretty obvious sometimes.

If a tree is already leaning, it is recommended that you call a tree service specialist to tell if it could endanger your property and even your neighbor’s.

The tree may look fine above ground, but the stabilization of the tree will lose its strength and affect its shape with decomposing roots below. If a few unusual roots start sprouting, it is also better to consult an emergency tree limb removal for safety.

4. Displeasing View

Do you want to create a certain aesthetic for your garden, but the view is ruined by an unattractive tree? For this, you may use tree removal services.

In many cases, especially when you try to maintain a green and healthy environment, dead or overgrown trees may look untidy. If such a tree continues to drop its branches and twigs, maintaining the cleaning job will be an immense nuisance. A fresh atmosphere for your family and for yourself is going to be difficult to achieve.

The best shot is to seek experienced personnel for the removal of tree branches.

5. Trees That Are Hollow

It is an indication of weak support if the trunk of a tree has become hollow, and the tree should be cut. While a tree can stay with a hollow trunk, its overall strength has been compromised, which means that at any moment it could collapse.

6. When The Tree Is Leaning In A Certain Route

While some trees naturally lean in a specific direction, a tree that suddenly begins to bend is a sign that it could be dead or damaged. As a rule, trees with a vertical slope of over 15 percent should be removed. A tree professional or arborist should inspect any new leans. Before they cause any disaster, sudden extreme leans should be informed immediately.

7. There Are Sprouts Growing From The Trunk

This kind of growth is the natural response of trees to severe stress. To determine the cause of the problem and the necessary solutions available, we, therefore, recommend seeking a professional tree inspection.

8. Big And Thick Dead Branches

If in the tree canopy there are huge dead trunks, these trunks should be removed as soon as possible. In order to  decide the overall health, the tree should be thoroughly inspected during the branch removal process and decide if any further action is needed to avoid danger.

How About Fallen Trees?

While some trees naturally lean in a specific direction, a tree that suddenly begins to bend is a sign that it could be dead or damaged. As a rule, trees with a vertical lean of over 15 percent should be removed. A tree arborist or professional should inspect any new leans. Before they cause any damage, sudden extreme leans should be reported immediately.

When a tree falls, you should know the dos and don’ts. Depending on the scenario, apart from an emergency fallen tree removal, the safety of your home will depend on your response.

Your first priority is to make sure everyone is safe. If you’re at home and a big tree breaks a part of the house, evaluate the situation by turning off the power switch and calling to report the incident to the local police or fire department. To prevent any fire and electrical hazard around the location, this should be the protocol. Also, even if the damage is not too great, you must evacuate the house. Many branches are heavy and may fall, which can be very hazardous. This will require the removal of an emergency tree branch.

Here Are 3 Emergency Tree Removal Essential Tips

As we have mentioned earlier, there are indeed many advantages that trees can give to your property and to the whole environment. For a more freshening atmosphere, they add beauty and give coolness, create peacefulness, and release oxygen. Nevertheless, certain cases may require you to have an emergency tree removal. Nothing is ever more stressful than having to cope after a storm with fallen trees. It could be a threat to your safety and to everyone around you if the tree is sick, dying, or has been dead for some time.

1.   Don’t Come Near It

Do not make the location more dangerous and riskier by getting nearer the tree. Trees may look stuck or solid on the land, but they are still subject to toppling over or shifting, causing anyone close by to suffer further injuries. Steer clear, including passersby, of the area. To keep anyone from possible injury, block the space with a parked vehicle or sawhorses, and let the expert tree removal agency evaluate and lead the circumstances. To manage the situation, contact your utility provider quickly if the tree is leaning over a power line or there are downed lines.

2. Do Not Try To Remove The Tree On Your Own

Fallen trees are volatile and pose many risks. While you think the DIY is going to save you money, don’t try to move the tree yourself. It can cause the tree to roll, move, or fall on anyone or anything it leans on by cutting the tree, touching it, or climbing on it.

3. Seek An Expert As Soon As Possible

The earlier you get in touch with a professional arborist, the better. The situation will be assessed by an expert tree removal specialist and any possible threat the tree may cause will be identified. Arborists can diminish the burden and secure the safety of the tree, using the proper tools, equipment, and knowledge they have. They will be able to discuss with you the options – whether to remove the tree completely or cut out the risky branches. The best step to take is to remain calm in an emergency situation. By escalating the scenario and overreacting, it does not ease the stress. Immediately contact a professional and let them manage the incident to ensure the utmost security.

Tree Removal Cost

When a tree has fallen on a fence, house, car, or power lines, the need for emergency tree removal usually comes about. This is followed in most cases by a storm, but in all cases, the tree poses an immediate threat or danger to people or property.

Emergency tree removal costs range from $497 to $6,150. You can typically expect 2 x or 3 x to pay the regular tree removal price. A call at 10 pm on Sunday night to remove a tree that has fallen on your home in a storm is going to be costly. The exact cost depends on who you are calling, how quickly you need them out, and how big the tree is.

However, there are some smart ways to save. Here are some tips we gathered just for all of us.

Tree Emergency Service Near You

The last resort should really be to hire an emergency tree removal service. An “emergency” tree service within you is basically just a common tree removal service that you have requested to drop everything and assist you. If the tree has fallen but is in a safe place, and for a week or two, you can barely look at it, then you will save hundreds of dollars. We suggest you call the state emergency service to make the tree safe if the tree has dropped over wires or on your home, then contact a regular tree service to cut up and remove the fallen tree.

How To Save On Tree Removal Emergency Cost

To save yourself a minimum of 50 percent off the cost of removing an emergency tree, make sure your first call is to emergency services and not a private company.

To deal with trees that have fallen over power lines or on homes, each state will have an emergency service, so call 911 and describe to the operator the scope of the damage caused by the tree and what is necessary.

The reason this will save you thousands is that the state is paying for the initial response. They will safely get the tree on the ground from your home or from power lines ready to be clear out.

You can take your time to get a few different prices for removing your fallen tree once the initial “emergency” is done.

Save An Extra 50 Percent Of The Price

Only if your tree has come down due to a storm or a cyclone, this small way will really work. There are hundreds of fallen trees and a glut of work for local tree removal services once a storm sweeps through the area. These are small businesses, and when they are overrun by work, they increase their prices. Local tree cutting services charge an average of 50-100 percent more for tree removal right after a storm, as they would under common incidents.

Do this: To safely keep the tree and get it off your home, car, power lines, etc., get the initial emergency work done by state emergency services. They will continue to wait. If you attempt to lock down a tree service, you will be fleeced while they are roaming around making a killing. To remove your tree, stand by for a minimum of 4 weeks until 6 weeks before contacting a city tree service. The initial rush is over by that time and their prices will again start to feature regular prices.

Will My Home Insurance Cover The Removal Of Emergency Trees?

The answer most of the time is yes, but there are a few “ifs” and “buts”.

First of all, it will depend on how comprehensive your insurance is, but insurance will cover a tree that falls and damages something in most cases. For damaged property and the cost of removing the tree, your insurance company will come to the party.

If the tree has fallen on your behalf due to negligence, they might buck your claim. For instance, if your tree died three years ago, you were supposed to remove it long ago, as dead trees would all eventually fall. We may see this as poor maintenance of your property contributing to the damage. You will be covered if the tree was healthy and came down after a storm or a tropical cyclone.

Emergency Tree Removal Services That May Be Near You:

Monster Tree Service© – offers fully insured workmanship and trustworthy, low-cost prices to experienced professionals. In order to save your belongings and your wallet, their machine is state-of-the-art, and they use the safest practices in the firm. Because they only employ certified arborists and seasoned tree care professionals, in emergency circumstances, they are your best choice for removing a tree from your belongings. They can be found almost all over the United States, if you have more queries, just visit their website.

M&M Tree Care© – since they have teams of professionals in tree care, they can also quickly handle a lot of tree removal jobs. That means, by getting the tree out of the way quickly, they will get to you faster and hopefully prevent further damage to your property. Without the stress of additional water damage to the inside of your house, having a tree fall on your house is stressful enough because more rainstorms came while waiting for a tree to be removed.


They have a natural lifespan as trees are living, and can become old and unreliable, sometimes compromising a property. Contact your local tree removal service if you notice any rapid changes in your trees or strange changes in their appearance or structure.