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Tree Removal Services In Manhattan: Top Services

Among the tree removal services in Manhattan, Wildcat Tree Services is the most popular and the best tree services based on the customers. Residents want to make sure that their branches do not represent a danger to their homes or individuals as they prepare for winter. If plants seem to be dying, drooping dangerously or are too near to electricity lines or buildings, it makes complete sense to remove them, and most people would also prefer to have the trunks removed at the same time.


Wildcat Tree Service

Dray T., a Wildcat Tree Services customer, said that the men arrived and were amazed at how often they accomplished in such a short period. They have provided polite and friendly service at a reasonable price. Out of the three services they contacted, Wildcat Tree Services replied within 24 hours (the others never did), set up a meeting for an estimate, and promptly completed the actual removal/trimming. Even with the tree hanging over their house, Wildcat Tree Services did exactly what they asked and had no problems. Dray also added that he would recommend and hire their service again in a heartbeat.

Services Offered By Wildcat Tree Service

Tree Removal

Sometimes necessary owing to the environment, health, or appearance. They aim to assist you in making the correct choice and safety and effectively removing your tree.

Tree Trimming

Proper tree pruning enhances your trees’ health, vitality, and beauty while also encouraging property safety.


Installing a cabling system aids with canopy support. Rods may also be used to bind broken stems, thus safeguarding your precious possessions.

Nuckles Tree Care

Compete in the elimination and cleansing of trees and bushes for construction or landscaping site preparation.  Removal of fallen or damaged branches and trees and cuts and pruning to avoid dead trees from collapsing during storm events are some of the services offered by Nuckles Tree Care.


Abby M., a customer of Nuckles Tree Care, said that Nuckles Tree Care arrived on time and did a pretty good job cleaning and pruning. She mentioned that her garden looks better than it has in years now, that the trees have been reshaped, and she no longer worries about dangerous dead limbs hanging over her garage. Abby also mentioned how kind and professional the staff were.


Tree Removal And Site Clearing

Nuckles Tree Care offers a complete removal and clearing of trees and brush for site preparation of building or landscaping.

Storm/Wind Cleanup

They also offer clearance of fallen or damaged branches and trees, and trims and pruning to avoid dead trees from collapsing during future storms.

Tree Trimming

Trees may be cleaned up lightly or completely trimmed and deadwood removed.

Arboles Tree Trimming LLC

For the last ten years, Arboles Tree Trimming Llc has specialized in tree care for Kansas City residents and businesses. Philip Lopez, the proprietor, is capable of doing any tree care task, such as basic tree care, shrub/hedge trimming, tree bracing, and pest control.

Wright Tree Service

An employee-owned business that provides a full range of vegetation management systems to railroads and utilities as well as their neighborhoods throughout North America, covering comprehensive agricultural uses, disaster rehabilitation, and decision making.


Tree removal is done to get rid of dead and dying trees, even those that have grown dangerous. Removals may also help eliminate competition for light and space, allowing the surviving plants to flourish and thrive. Therefore, finding great tree removal services in Manhattan is important. Greater tree services can offer more facilities, such as harmful cleanups, reforestation, assessments of injured trees, pesticide application for infected trees, arboricultural reports, soil compaction and abolishment, tree wiring, tree implanting, tree trimming services, lot clearing, 24-hour storm damage response, and deep root feeding.

Tree Removal Machines: Quick Guide Tree Removal Services

When we talk about the equipment used in tree removal, the first thing that comes into mind is the chainsaw. It is the most important piece of equipment for this activity. However, there are some instances that a chainsaw can’t be used for tree removal. This may be because the tree is very large or is very tall. For these instances, tree removal machines come into play. These are heavy equipment that can accomplish the job in no time.

What Are Tree Removal Machines?

Tree removal machines are equipment specifically designed to be used in the cutting, removal, and transport of trees. These tree removal machines can either be pulled by vehicles or it is a vehicle itself. Here are some of the most common tree removal machines:

Wood Chipper And Chipper Truck

These two pieces of equipment go hand in hand. A wood chipper is equipment that is towed behind the chipper truck. This is where the logs and branches are placed to be chipped. The resulting byproduct is then blown into the back of the chipper truck which holds these wood chips. A chipper truck is also called a forestry truck.


This is a vehicle with a large grapple that is used to bundle a variety of logs to be put in the chipper.

Bucket Truck

It is also called a boom truck. It is a vehicle that features a hydraulic boom lift that can carry a tree worker up to 50 feet. It is mostly used in urban areas where there is a need to cut down tree limbs before the removal of the tree. By doing so, it reduces the risk of property damage, and trees that are obstructed (e.g. those near the power lines) can be safely removed. Some bucket trucks have an installed wood chipper.

Crane Truck

Crane trucks in the tree removal industry are specialized to have a grapple and a chainsaw bar. If a tree is located in the city or tight areas, it becomes complicated to remove the tree. But with the help of a crane truck, it can get the job done easily and safely. It can be driven very near the tree to remove the larger pieces one at a time and gently place them down in a safe location.

Dump Truck

Dump trucks are needed to transport the logs. These heavy vehicles are a must-have, especially when dealing with very large trees.

Excavator Mower

The first thing that comes to mind when talking about excavators is the building of roadways. This excavator was re-designed to be suited for forestry. The end of its boom was built with a mower that can mow brush and clear a particular area.

Skid steer

This is a multi-purpose vehicle that can replace manual labor. It is usually mounted with a grapple and forks. Several other pieces of equipment can be mounted to it.

Root Rake

This is one of the pieces of equipment that can be mounted in the skid steer. It scrapes the ground with the branches and other debris from the tree removal process.

Track Buncher

Driven equipment built to cut down and process trees for both flat areas and hills.


Several tree removal machines are available today and more and more are getting invented.  All are designed to get the tree removal job done easier and safer.

Tree Maintenance: Tree Trimming And Pruning Services

If you have trees planted in your backyard, it is necessary to maintain them through trimming and pruning. Trimming and pruning a tree has many benefits. If you’re unsure of how to trim and prune the tree properly, there are businesses that offer tree trimming and pruning services. These kinds of services are the most purchased in the landscaping industry.

What Is The Difference Between Trimming And Pruning?

The terms trimming and pruning are often assumed to be used synonymously but, there is a difference between them.

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is to cut back overgrown trees, hedges, or shrubs that will help them grow healthy and improve their appearance. Usually, commercial clients use this for maintaining their property to be more attractive to prospective clients.

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning removes the loose, infected, or dead branches or stem and sometimes even roots of the respective tree. It will help the tree to keep unwanted growth in check.

Benefits Of Tree Trimming And Pruning

There are several benefits you and your tree will get from tree trimming and pruning.

Aesthetic. Trimming or pruning your tree will give you a presentable and more attractive landscape in your property. It will make the exterior of your home look nicer and better. If your property is also used for businesses, it can be a way that will attract more visitors and prospective clients.

Insect and Pest Control. Insects and pests can cause damage to your tree if not controlled. They can also invade your home if the tree is close to it. Tree trimming and pruning will help you manage and control these insects and pests to help your tree grow healthy.

Protection. Dead and diseased parts of the tree, such as the large branches, may fall unexpectedly from the tree that can cause property destruction or accidental injuries. Proper trimming and pruning will help you to avoid these hazards inside and outside of your property.

Proper Growth. Just like humans, trees need proper maintenance to grow healthy. Incorrect supervision may cause the tree to lose its shape and be weak. Proper tree trimming and pruning can help your tree to improve its health and strength in the long-run.

Equipment Used In Trimming And Pruning

Proper equipment used in tree trimming and pruning is necessary to provide a better result for your trees.

For tree trimming, there are three equipment used: the trimmer, the shear, and the saw. These three pieces of equipment can produce efficient outcomes and healthier growth overall.

For tree pruning, shear is the most primarily used equipment, which can be a hand shear or a lopping shear. These shears are tough enough for thin branches to cut.

Take note that if you are unsure of how to use these tools or you are not yet comfortable with your skills, it is wise to contact professionals in tree trimming and pruning services.


Tree trimming and pruning are different from each other, especially the procedure for maintaining the health of the tree. If you are still unsure of what is the need for your tree, better call a professional that will give you the best tree trimming and pruning services.

Tree Insects Management In Manhattan

Tree insects management in Manhattan is a technique of reducing pests on trees and providing protection from hazardous insects that can create public health problems, as well as major tree damage. Moreover, tree insects management guarantees that your trees and plants grow in a healthier, pest-free environment.


Insect management is also an important aspect of tree production. Insects could have a negative effect on the growth and quality of a tree. As a result, if your trees are being attacked by insects, using pest management could be beneficial.

Keep Pests Out Of Your Trees

There are a lot of reasons why your plants or trees are beginning to be devoured by various insects. As a result, knowing what to do while dealing with insects in your trees will be really beneficial. The following suggestions will guide you:


  • Find out which species are dangerous. It’s a good idea to learn about the most frequent pest species in your area, as well as the signs they leave behind.
  • Bring in beneficial insects to your garden.To bring beneficial insects to your tree, use native plants and minimize using insecticides.
  • Maintain the health of your tree. Check the soil on a regular basis to ensure that your tree is getting enough water and nutrients, and use an organic fertilizer on occasion to provide your tree with the tools it needs to strengthen and protect itself.
  • Oils should be applied to pest-infested regions. Since pesticides will harm your tree, go for an oil-based spray instead. The oil, which blocks their breathing pores, will drown soft-bodied insects, like aphids.

How Do Insects Harm Trees And Plants?

Insects and disease organisms can infect trees and shrubs in your environment. Insects are more likely to attack plants that are already sick or stressed than those that are healthy. Also, they have enormous damaging potential when it comes to trees and shrubs.

What Insects Are Harmful To Trees And Plants?

Soil Insects

After seeds or cuttings are planted, soil insects might be difficult to manage. Insects can also damage crops if they get stuck in the soil.

Chewing Insects

Chewing insects wreak havoc on the foliage, stems, and fruit of plants. Most bug eggs are placed on the plant, and when they hatch, they start eating. Meanwhile, others may infiltrate the crop by marching or flying in it.

Sucking Insects

Sucking insects harm plants by lowering their vigor or introducing toxins or disease-causing organisms into them. They are frequently drawn to the plant’s most succulent parts. Furthermore, after emerging from the egg, they might continue to feed and roam around on the plant.

Tree Symptoms

It’s critical to remember that tree disease is a very time-sensitive problem. If it is not addressed as quickly as possible, your tree or plant may die. Here are a few of the most common tree ailments.


  • Abnormal growth of tree
  • Exposed roots
  • Death of its leaves
  • Open wounds on the trunk and limbs
  • Cracks on the trunk
  • Fungi on the bark and leaves
  • Tissue underdevelopment/overdevelopment


Although not all insects on trees and plants are hazardous, the majority of them are. If you do not take immediate action, many trees may die, which will be detrimental to the environment. Hence, protect the trees by keeping insects out of them.

Tree Hazards: How to Identify Them

Tree hazards, which might cause the destruction of property or, worse, personal injury, are a significant concern for the majority of people. If tree problems are not addressed quickly, they may pose a threat to everyone. However, if it is identified early enough, it may be avoided from becoming a threat.

Hazardous trees need to be dealt with as soon as possible. But how do you identify if a tree imposes a threat in our safety? In this article, we’ll go over some of the most common tree dangers and show you how to determine whether a tree is hazardous.

8 Tree Hazards Signs

Here are some warning signs to watch for in order to avoid tree hazards:

1.   Root Damage

The tree’s roots are its most important feature. Wilting, thinning foliage, small leaves, dead branches, and poor growth are all indications of root damage. Moreover, a tree may become unstable and dangerous if it lacks a robust and healthy root system.

2.   Hanging, Damaged, or Broken Limbs

A broken or dangling limb is the most visible indication of a tree hazard and is a clear sign that your tree is in fact a threat.

3.   Changes In The Bark

The bark of a tree provides the most protection. When a tree’s bark breaks or separates, the inner wood of the tree is exposed to degradation. This may suggest that the tree has been damaged on the inside.

4.   Structural Flaws

During a storm, trees with weak foundations are usually the first to shatter or fall. Moreover, a tree with an overloaded canopy and a high number of big branches may become structurally unstable over time. However, they may become a danger at any moment.

5.   A Slanting Tree

Leaning trees may be a source of concern, however not all leaning trees are hazardous. Live oak trees and some other trees with robust wood may lean away from certain trees or buildings without breaking. Most leaning trees, on the other hand, should be thoroughly examined.

6.   Exposed, Weakened Trees

Clearing trees during the construction process may endanger the remaining trees on the property. Now that they are exposed, they are more susceptible to wind harm. That is not to say that these trees won’t survive, but they are often ignored and therefore should be examined regularly.

7.   Dead Limbs

Falls aren’t only caused by dangling or broken limbs. Your tree’s limbs may be dead without your knowledge, and they may eventually fall.

8.   Decay

One of the most hazardous signs of tree hazards is apparent deterioration. Internal structural deterioration may be indicated by the growth of mushrooms and conks on your tree, as well as patches of cracking bark.


Every tree has a finite lifespan. Moreover, any of the warning signs for tree dangers listed here may indicate a serious issue. Hence, if you see signs of disease or decay, or if circumstances suggest that damage is likely, you must act quickly and get your trees checked by a professional. Act as soon as possible and don’t wait until it’s all too late.

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New York City Tree Removal Law

The New York City tree removal law is very helpful when it comes to safeguarding trees from the general public. Besides, trees are in danger of being chopped down, particularly if there seems to be insufficient space for people. This is particularly true in a city with a population of more than a million people.

That is why there is a New York City tree removal law to prevent trees from being chopped down while simultaneously giving individuals the freedom to remove trees in their neighborhood.

Reasons For Tree Removal In New York City

The following are some of the major reasons why trees should be removed under New York City tree removal law:

  • If the tree is near death or has already died
  • When the tree is in bad shape
  • When a tree is leaning, uprooted, or on the verge of falling over
  • In the event that a big branch or limb from the tree had fallen
  • If the trunk of the tree is split
  • If the tree is obstructing someone’s property

New York City Tree Removal Law: Penalties For Unauthorized Removal

Before doing anything to the city’s trees, residents must first get authorization.

  •  Pruning
  •  Laying a road
  •  Installing Christmas lights

Doing any of these activities without permission is a misdemeanor punishable by a $15,000 fine and a year in prison.

New York City Tree Removal Law: Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to New York City tree removal law, there are many frequent concerns that residents of the city have.

Is It Legal For Me To Cut Down Public Trees In New York City?

Residents must request authorization from the city before removing a tree. They must file a Forestry Service request to the Department of Parks and Recreation of NYC.

Is It Necessary To Get A Permit To Cut Down Trees On Personal Property In NYC?

Without the city’s permission, trees on private land may be cut down. Moreover, the city of New York is not responsible for trees on private land. However, if it’s not your property, you don’t have the right.

Is It Legal For The City Of New York To Cut Down Trees On Personal Estate?

If officials from the Department of Parks and Recreation discover a sick, dead, or blocking public tree growing on private property, they must inform the owner. The city has the right to enter the property, repair the condition, and penalize the property owner for the costs spent throughout the procedure if the owner does not comply.

In New York City, Who Is Qualified For A Tree Removal Permit?

A tree removal form is available to all homes and may be obtained from the Department of Parks and Recreation. The permission is given to individuals who have compelling grounds for removing the tree.


There are no explicit regulations for the New York City tree removal law. A resident of the community development may be required to get permission for removal, and the developer may refuse to allow removal if it interferes with the community’s appearance.

Need To Cut A Tree? Here Are The Tree Cutting Tools You Need


Trees are large plants but contain more wood in their stems and trunks. The majority of trees live for a lengthier period compared to other plants, depending on which variation a tree belongs to. They also grow to more formidable heights. Tree cutting tools are used to have a proper procedure.

Trees are cut for many different reasons. In urban areas, it is done to make space for a property or any construction project or to avoid it from causing mishaps. Examples of dangers trees can cause are their apparent weakness, which may cause them to fall, or when their branches are coming into contact with high-voltage electrical wires. 

Meanwhile, in more remote areas, trees are sometimes removed to make way for a road. In forests, trees are cut in the process of logging, a task performed to provide wood materials for products and services. These products and services can range from paper, furniture, and construction projects on houses and buildings. Cutting trees, also known as felling, can also prevent the spread or reduce the risk of wildfire

More Reasons Why Tree Cutting Is Done

Felling can be a formidable task but is ideal when the trees possess wider limbs. This is why cutting the natural material is a job more ideal for professionals, especially when the tree concerned is positioned close to a structure or many people.

But when you have the proper knowledge of cutting trees, or if you are planning to cut a smaller tree, then you can use many tree cutting tools. Of course, it is always wise to utilize the proper tools and follow the safe ways of using them, tips that should be included in the tools.

Read on to know more about what kind of tree cutting tools can best suit your needs.

Tree Cutting Tools

A chainsaw is one of the most commonly used tree cutting tools. It cuts wood using a powerful motor which moves a chain quickly around a guide bar. The reasons behind the chainsaw’s popularity are the simplicity in its operation and the briskness of how it does its job.

However, it requires a high level of caution when using a chainsaw because of the mentioned power it possesses. It is powerful enough to make mincemeat of cutting trees with slimmer trunks and branches and makes thicker ones less laborious. This form of tree cutting tools is also a portable one, a trait that contributes to its prevalence.

While there are chainsaws that get their power from gasoline, they can come in electric powered ones as well. Gas type chainsaws can have loud motors but can do neater cuts. Electricity-reliant ones are less rowdy, do not emit emissions, but could not match the power of its gasoline counterpart.

Another kind of tree cutting tool is known as the bow saw. One of the more basic tree cutting tools, it is composed of a lengthy metal handle that holds a sharp blade on either side. The blade has ridges that help it to do its purpose and is as long as the said handle.

The bow saw is easy to use. You just rock the saw in a back and forth motion against the area of the tree branch or trunk, until this breaks or falls. Aside from its straightforward quality, this saw is also known as a cost-friendly way of cutting trees since it does not need gas or electricity for it to work. Its handle is designed to be as ergonomic as possible.

The chopping ax is included in the list of tree cutting tools that just need manpower. The ax is formed with a long vertical handle, which has a sharp, smooth metal blade connected to its topmost area. The handle allows its user to swing the ax onto the tree trunk with whatever amount of force is needed.

Tree trunks with a wider girth can be felled after constant swinging, while slimmer ones and tree branches will be just a walk in the park for this ax. On the other hand, you can cover the blade with a sheath when the ax is not in use. This protects this tool from rusting or warping.

The range of tree cutting tools is not limited to those that only cut trees, but it also includes safety equipment for its users.

Among these safe tree cutting tools are the cut-resistant gloves. These provide protection for your hands against injury, while still allowing your hands to do the proper movements for the job. You can also grip the tree cutting tools perfectly with gloves.

Next is the chainsaw chaps, which are pants that can protect you from injuries caused by tree cutting tools. While the chaps are not necessary for light cutting work, they are essential when you start to use the powered chainsaw. 

Lastly, another essential piece of equipment is the chainsaw helmet. It is composed of a strong shell, earmuffs, and a visor. The shell safeguards your head from tree branches that may fall, while the earmuffs block the noise a chainsaw creates, and the visor screens your face from debris.


Cutting trees can be a difficult task and can be done for construction or safety reasons. Whichever reason you may have for cutting trees, it is wise to use efficient and effective tools and protective gear.

Need To Cut A Tree?

Do you need to cut a tree from your property? Do you even know what kind of tree it is, or how to properly cut it?

Trees are large plants but contain more wood in their stems and trunks. The majority of trees live for a lengthier period compared to other plants, depending on which variation a tree belongs to. They also grow to more formidable heights.

In this article we touch on some reasons why a tree may need to be cut, and some tools needed. Tree cutting tools are in fact very important in this process, and the reason a tree is being cut is also very important.

Trees are cut for many different reasons. In urban areas, it is done to make space for a property or any construction project or to avoid it from causing mishaps. Examples of dangers trees can cause are their apparent weakness, which may cause them to fall, or when their branches are coming into contact with high-voltage electrical wires. 

Meanwhile, in more remote areas, trees are sometimes removed to make way for a road. In forests, trees are cut in the process of logging, a task performed to provide wood materials for products and services. These products and services can range from paper, furniture, and construction projects on houses and buildings.

Cutting trees, also known as felling, can also prevent the spread or reduce the risk of wildfire.

More Reasons Why Tree Cutting Is Done

Felling can be a formidable task but is ideal when the trees possess wider limbs. This is why cutting the natural material is a job more ideal for professionals, especially when the tree concerned is positioned close to a structure or many people.

But when you have the proper knowledge of cutting trees, or if you are planning to cut a smaller tree, then you can use many tree cutting tools. Of course, it is always wise to utilize the proper tools and follow the safe ways of using them, tips that should be included in the tools.


There are many reasons why a tree may need to be cut, some of which we discussed in this article, and we discussed how Tree cutting tools help you efficiently and effectively cut trees, which can be very simple, all the way to being an enormous task. When you may need to cut a tree, its best you hire tree experts for this task.

Expert Tree Removal: How Does It Works?

Trees provide your property with shade and beauty and also create some privacy for your home. Aside from providing a more friendly setting, the trees in your yard often help keep the area cooler and give off oxygen. Trees around your property make the landscape even greener until they pose a danger to the protection of your house. Over time, due to disease, age, or pest invasion, the structural integrity of a tree may decline and it may need expert tree removal services. Potential safety threats and hazards to persons, livestock, and property come with this decrease. When a fallen tree happens and it damages a house, what does it take? Prior to the case, chances are you would have wanted to have them carefully inspected or removed.

That’s when the emergency tree comes into the frame. The removal of an emergency tree by a professional arborist is a wise decision both for your protection and the appearance of your house.

When Do You Need Emergency Removal Of A Tree?

There are several accidents that specify a critical need for the removal of the 24-hour emergency tree. It is not only after an accident or natural disaster that it becomes a requirement. In order to stop these kinds of situations, avoidance is often the best practice. The best time to call an emergency tree removal service near me should therefore be identified.

Here is the list of when should an emergency tree removal be conducted:

  1. After a catastrophic storm or calamity.
  2. Diseased or dead trees.
  3. Tree roots are weak.
  4. Displeasing view.
  5. Trees that are hollow.
  6. When the tree is leaning in a certain direction.
  7. There are sprouts growing from the trunk.
  8. Big and thick dead branches.

Let’s go through each one of them.

1.   After A Catastrophic Storm Or Calamity

For Mother Nature, stormy days are never a great season. In the meantime, damaged trees around your property could lead to a messy situation. The force of a strong wind could be too impulsive and even a stable tree might be sabotaged.

There could be a storm and heavy rain all of a sudden. While trees are generally thought to be vulnerable, they may look resilient enough to withstand a storm, but the damage you won’t even notice may be internal.

In particular, a heavy storm might devastate trees when they’re a bit old. When branches start to fall down unexpectedly, it could destroy your roof and cause injury to your family in the worst-case scenario. This is a good time to call an emergency tree removal service.

Although trees damaged by the storm still  stand strong, it could potentially create a risk to the safety of your home. Make sure to immediately connect to storm destruction tree removal experts because you will never know it!

2. Diseased Or Dead Trees

There are trees that, on the first impression, look too vigorous, but from the outside, the healthy physique is in fact the complete opposite! The regular trees that you consider healthy are surprisingly diseased, more often than not. Tree disease that goes unaddressed can cause your trees to be seriously damaged. It can lead to weakness, instability, or the tree may die. Peeling bark or brittle, yellowing leaves, uneven foliage, dead branches,fungus, carpenter ants, and roots that are fragile or knotty are signals that you may have an unwell tree.

Moreover, there are also some common signs that your tree is most probably decayed and diseased when you notice unusual growth patterns, cavity marks, deep cracks, and dead twigs. Another sign that could end up in a dangerous downfall is a hollowed trunk. If a diseased tree has not been checked for a long time, its neighboring trees can also be affected.

To maintain a healthy tree, the easiest approach is to have a regular tree service. Even if a complete local emergency tree removal is not necessary, let the experts take a look to ensure disease-free growth.

Routinely checking your trees and addressing any issues early on can help avoid both dangerous and costly problems.

3. Tree Roots Are Weak

Roots are the principal foundation for maintaining the stability of a tree. But in the long run, no roots last. One of the many conditions that should not be ignored is when you notice for quite a long time that the roots are visibly rotten or ill. It may only be a matter of time before it falls if the roots look unhealthy. It’s also pretty obvious sometimes.

If a tree is already leaning, it is recommended that you call a tree service specialist to tell if it could endanger your property and even your neighbor’s.

The tree may look fine above ground, but the stabilization of the tree will lose its strength and affect its shape with decomposing roots below. If a few unusual roots start sprouting, it is also better to consult an emergency tree limb removal for safety.

4. Displeasing View

Do you want to create a certain aesthetic for your garden, but the view is ruined by an unattractive tree? For this, you may use tree removal services.

In many cases, especially when you try to maintain a green and healthy environment, dead or overgrown trees may look untidy. If such a tree continues to drop its branches and twigs, maintaining the cleaning job will be an immense nuisance. A fresh atmosphere for your family and for yourself is going to be difficult to achieve.

The best shot is to seek experienced personnel for the removal of tree branches.

5. Trees That Are Hollow

It is an indication of weak support if the trunk of a tree has become hollow, and the tree should be cut. While a tree can stay with a hollow trunk, its overall strength has been compromised, which means that at any moment it could collapse.

6. When The Tree Is Leaning In A Certain Route

While some trees naturally lean in a specific direction, a tree that suddenly begins to bend is a sign that it could be dead or damaged. As a rule, trees with a vertical slope of over 15 percent should be removed. A tree professional or arborist should inspect any new leans. Before they cause any disaster, sudden extreme leans should be informed immediately.

7. There Are Sprouts Growing From The Trunk

This kind of growth is the natural response of trees to severe stress. To determine the cause of the problem and the necessary solutions available, we, therefore, recommend seeking a professional tree inspection.

8. Big And Thick Dead Branches

If in the tree canopy there are huge dead trunks, these trunks should be removed as soon as possible. In order to  decide the overall health, the tree should be thoroughly inspected during the branch removal process and decide if any further action is needed to avoid danger.

How About Fallen Trees?

While some trees naturally lean in a specific direction, a tree that suddenly begins to bend is a sign that it could be dead or damaged. As a rule, trees with a vertical lean of over 15 percent should be removed. A tree arborist or professional should inspect any new leans. Before they cause any damage, sudden extreme leans should be reported immediately.

When a tree falls, you should know the dos and don’ts. Depending on the scenario, apart from an emergency fallen tree removal, the safety of your home will depend on your response.

Your first priority is to make sure everyone is safe. If you’re at home and a big tree breaks a part of the house, evaluate the situation by turning off the power switch and calling to report the incident to the local police or fire department. To prevent any fire and electrical hazard around the location, this should be the protocol. Also, even if the damage is not too great, you must evacuate the house. Many branches are heavy and may fall, which can be very hazardous. This will require the removal of an emergency tree branch.

Here Are 3 Emergency Tree Removal Essential Tips

As we have mentioned earlier, there are indeed many advantages that trees can give to your property and to the whole environment. For a more freshening atmosphere, they add beauty and give coolness, create peacefulness, and release oxygen. Nevertheless, certain cases may require you to have an emergency tree removal. Nothing is ever more stressful than having to cope after a storm with fallen trees. It could be a threat to your safety and to everyone around you if the tree is sick, dying, or has been dead for some time.

1.   Don’t Come Near It

Do not make the location more dangerous and riskier by getting nearer the tree. Trees may look stuck or solid on the land, but they are still subject to toppling over or shifting, causing anyone close by to suffer further injuries. Steer clear, including passersby, of the area. To keep anyone from possible injury, block the space with a parked vehicle or sawhorses, and let the expert tree removal agency evaluate and lead the circumstances. To manage the situation, contact your utility provider quickly if the tree is leaning over a power line or there are downed lines.

2. Do Not Try To Remove The Tree On Your Own

Fallen trees are volatile and pose many risks. While you think the DIY is going to save you money, don’t try to move the tree yourself. It can cause the tree to roll, move, or fall on anyone or anything it leans on by cutting the tree, touching it, or climbing on it.

3. Seek An Expert As Soon As Possible

The earlier you get in touch with a professional arborist, the better. The situation will be assessed by an expert tree removal specialist and any possible threat the tree may cause will be identified. Arborists can diminish the burden and secure the safety of the tree, using the proper tools, equipment, and knowledge they have. They will be able to discuss with you the options – whether to remove the tree completely or cut out the risky branches. The best step to take is to remain calm in an emergency situation. By escalating the scenario and overreacting, it does not ease the stress. Immediately contact a professional and let them manage the incident to ensure the utmost security.

Tree Removal Cost

When a tree has fallen on a fence, house, car, or power lines, the need for emergency tree removal usually comes about. This is followed in most cases by a storm, but in all cases, the tree poses an immediate threat or danger to people or property.

Emergency tree removal costs range from $497 to $6,150. You can typically expect 2 x or 3 x to pay the regular tree removal price. A call at 10 pm on Sunday night to remove a tree that has fallen on your home in a storm is going to be costly. The exact cost depends on who you are calling, how quickly you need them out, and how big the tree is.

However, there are some smart ways to save. Here are some tips we gathered just for all of us.

Tree Emergency Service Near You

The last resort should really be to hire an emergency tree removal service. An “emergency” tree service within you is basically just a common tree removal service that you have requested to drop everything and assist you. If the tree has fallen but is in a safe place, and for a week or two, you can barely look at it, then you will save hundreds of dollars. We suggest you call the state emergency service to make the tree safe if the tree has dropped over wires or on your home, then contact a regular tree service to cut up and remove the fallen tree.

How To Save On Tree Removal Emergency Cost

To save yourself a minimum of 50 percent off the cost of removing an emergency tree, make sure your first call is to emergency services and not a private company.

To deal with trees that have fallen over power lines or on homes, each state will have an emergency service, so call 911 and describe to the operator the scope of the damage caused by the tree and what is necessary.

The reason this will save you thousands is that the state is paying for the initial response. They will safely get the tree on the ground from your home or from power lines ready to be clear out.

You can take your time to get a few different prices for removing your fallen tree once the initial “emergency” is done.

Save An Extra 50 Percent Of The Price

Only if your tree has come down due to a storm or a cyclone, this small way will really work. There are hundreds of fallen trees and a glut of work for local tree removal services once a storm sweeps through the area. These are small businesses, and when they are overrun by work, they increase their prices. Local tree cutting services charge an average of 50-100 percent more for tree removal right after a storm, as they would under common incidents.

Do this: To safely keep the tree and get it off your home, car, power lines, etc., get the initial emergency work done by state emergency services. They will continue to wait. If you attempt to lock down a tree service, you will be fleeced while they are roaming around making a killing. To remove your tree, stand by for a minimum of 4 weeks until 6 weeks before contacting a city tree service. The initial rush is over by that time and their prices will again start to feature regular prices.

Will My Home Insurance Cover The Removal Of Emergency Trees?

The answer most of the time is yes, but there are a few “ifs” and “buts”.

First of all, it will depend on how comprehensive your insurance is, but insurance will cover a tree that falls and damages something in most cases. For damaged property and the cost of removing the tree, your insurance company will come to the party.

If the tree has fallen on your behalf due to negligence, they might buck your claim. For instance, if your tree died three years ago, you were supposed to remove it long ago, as dead trees would all eventually fall. We may see this as poor maintenance of your property contributing to the damage. You will be covered if the tree was healthy and came down after a storm or a tropical cyclone.

Emergency Tree Removal Services That May Be Near You:

Monster Tree Service© – offers fully insured workmanship and trustworthy, low-cost prices to experienced professionals. In order to save your belongings and your wallet, their machine is state-of-the-art, and they use the safest practices in the firm. Because they only employ certified arborists and seasoned tree care professionals, in emergency circumstances, they are your best choice for removing a tree from your belongings. They can be found almost all over the United States, if you have more queries, just visit their website.

M&M Tree Care© – since they have teams of professionals in tree care, they can also quickly handle a lot of tree removal jobs. That means, by getting the tree out of the way quickly, they will get to you faster and hopefully prevent further damage to your property. Without the stress of additional water damage to the inside of your house, having a tree fall on your house is stressful enough because more rainstorms came while waiting for a tree to be removed.


They have a natural lifespan as trees are living, and can become old and unreliable, sometimes compromising a property. Contact your local tree removal service if you notice any rapid changes in your trees or strange changes in their appearance or structure.

Bronx Tree Cutting Service

Affordable Tree Care

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Bronx Tree Trimming Service

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There are several important reasons you need to consider trimming and pruning your trees. The most important is to keep your trees healthy and strong, as well as for the tree to remain beautiful and full of strong tree limbs and branches. Other reasons include ensuring the safety of people and properties surrounding the tree from falling limbs, and also to provide clearance from roofs, windows, overhead wiring, and neighboring properties.

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Tree Trimming & Tree Pruning

There are many factors that affect tree pruning recommendations such as tree health and tree location, and the needs will vary between species and individual trees.

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