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New York City Tree Removal Law

The New York City tree removal law is very helpful when it comes to safeguarding trees from the general public. Besides, trees are in danger of being chopped down, particularly if there seems to be insufficient space for people. This is particularly true in a city with a population of more than a million people.

That is why there is a New York City tree removal law to prevent trees from being chopped down while simultaneously giving individuals the freedom to remove trees in their neighborhood.

Reasons For Tree Removal In New York City

The following are some of the major reasons why trees should be removed under New York City tree removal law:

  • If the tree is near death or has already died
  • When the tree is in bad shape
  • When a tree is leaning, uprooted, or on the verge of falling over
  • In the event that a big branch or limb from the tree had fallen
  • If the trunk of the tree is split
  • If the tree is obstructing someone’s property

New York City Tree Removal Law: Penalties For Unauthorized Removal

Before doing anything to the city’s trees, residents must first get authorization.

  •  Pruning
  •  Laying a road
  •  Installing Christmas lights

Doing any of these activities without permission is a misdemeanor punishable by a $15,000 fine and a year in prison.

New York City Tree Removal Law: Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to New York City tree removal law, there are many frequent concerns that residents of the city have.

Is It Legal For Me To Cut Down Public Trees In New York City?

Residents must request authorization from the city before removing a tree. They must file a Forestry Service request to the Department of Parks and Recreation of NYC.

Is It Necessary To Get A Permit To Cut Down Trees On Personal Property In NYC?

Without the city’s permission, trees on private land may be cut down. Moreover, the city of New York is not responsible for trees on private land. However, if it’s not your property, you don’t have the right.

Is It Legal For The City Of New York To Cut Down Trees On Personal Estate?

If officials from the Department of Parks and Recreation discover a sick, dead, or blocking public tree growing on private property, they must inform the owner. The city has the right to enter the property, repair the condition, and penalize the property owner for the costs spent throughout the procedure if the owner does not comply.

In New York City, Who Is Qualified For A Tree Removal Permit?

A tree removal form is available to all homes and may be obtained from the Department of Parks and Recreation. The permission is given to individuals who have compelling grounds for removing the tree.


There are no explicit regulations for the New York City tree removal law. A resident of the community development may be required to get permission for removal, and the developer may refuse to allow removal if it interferes with the community’s appearance.