Tree Removal Services In Manhattan: Top Services

Among the tree removal services in Manhattan, Wildcat Tree Services is the most popular and the best tree services based on the customers. Residents want to make sure that their branches do not represent a danger to their homes or individuals as they prepare for winter. If plants seem to be dying, drooping dangerously or are too near to electricity lines or buildings, it makes complete sense to remove them, and most people would also prefer to have the trunks removed at the same time.


Wildcat Tree Service

Dray T., a Wildcat Tree Services customer, said that the men arrived and were amazed at how often they accomplished in such a short period. They have provided polite and friendly service at a reasonable price. Out of the three services they contacted, Wildcat Tree Services replied within 24 hours (the others never did), set up a meeting for an estimate, and promptly completed the actual removal/trimming. Even with the tree hanging over their house, Wildcat Tree Services did exactly what they asked and had no problems. Dray also added that he would recommend and hire their service again in a heartbeat.

Services Offered By Wildcat Tree Service

Tree Removal

Sometimes necessary owing to the environment, health, or appearance. They aim to assist you in making the correct choice and safety and effectively removing your tree.

Tree Trimming

Proper tree pruning enhances your trees’ health, vitality, and beauty while also encouraging property safety.


Installing a cabling system aids with canopy support. Rods may also be used to bind broken stems, thus safeguarding your precious possessions.

Nuckles Tree Care

Compete in the elimination and cleansing of trees and bushes for construction or landscaping site preparation.  Removal of fallen or damaged branches and trees and cuts and pruning to avoid dead trees from collapsing during storm events are some of the services offered by Nuckles Tree Care.


Abby M., a customer of Nuckles Tree Care, said that Nuckles Tree Care arrived on time and did a pretty good job cleaning and pruning. She mentioned that her garden looks better than it has in years now, that the trees have been reshaped, and she no longer worries about dangerous dead limbs hanging over her garage. Abby also mentioned how kind and professional the staff were.


Tree Removal And Site Clearing

Nuckles Tree Care offers a complete removal and clearing of trees and brush for site preparation of building or landscaping.

Storm/Wind Cleanup

They also offer clearance of fallen or damaged branches and trees, and trims and pruning to avoid dead trees from collapsing during future storms.

Tree Trimming

Trees may be cleaned up lightly or completely trimmed and deadwood removed.

Arboles Tree Trimming LLC

For the last ten years, Arboles Tree Trimming Llc has specialized in tree care for Kansas City residents and businesses. Philip Lopez, the proprietor, is capable of doing any tree care task, such as basic tree care, shrub/hedge trimming, tree bracing, and pest control.

Wright Tree Service

An employee-owned business that provides a full range of vegetation management systems to railroads and utilities as well as their neighborhoods throughout North America, covering comprehensive agricultural uses, disaster rehabilitation, and decision making.


Tree removal is done to get rid of dead and dying trees, even those that have grown dangerous. Removals may also help eliminate competition for light and space, allowing the surviving plants to flourish and thrive. Therefore, finding great tree removal services in Manhattan is important. Greater tree services can offer more facilities, such as harmful cleanups, reforestation, assessments of injured trees, pesticide application for infected trees, arboricultural reports, soil compaction and abolishment, tree wiring, tree implanting, tree trimming services, lot clearing, 24-hour storm damage response, and deep root feeding.

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