Need To Cut A Tree? Here Are The Tree Cutting Tools You Need


Trees are large plants but contain more wood in their stems and trunks. The majority of trees live for a lengthier period compared to other plants, depending on which variation a tree belongs to. They also grow to more formidable heights. Tree cutting tools are used to have a proper procedure.

Trees are cut for many different reasons. In urban areas, it is done to make space for a property or any construction project or to avoid it from causing mishaps. Examples of dangers trees can cause are their apparent weakness, which may cause them to fall, or when their branches are coming into contact with high-voltage electrical wires. 

Meanwhile, in more remote areas, trees are sometimes removed to make way for a road. In forests, trees are cut in the process of logging, a task performed to provide wood materials for products and services. These products and services can range from paper, furniture, and construction projects on houses and buildings. Cutting trees, also known as felling, can also prevent the spread or reduce the risk of wildfire

More Reasons Why Tree Cutting Is Done

Felling can be a formidable task but is ideal when the trees possess wider limbs. This is why cutting the natural material is a job more ideal for professionals, especially when the tree concerned is positioned close to a structure or many people.

But when you have the proper knowledge of cutting trees, or if you are planning to cut a smaller tree, then you can use many tree cutting tools. Of course, it is always wise to utilize the proper tools and follow the safe ways of using them, tips that should be included in the tools.

Read on to know more about what kind of tree cutting tools can best suit your needs.

Tree Cutting Tools

A chainsaw is one of the most commonly used tree cutting tools. It cuts wood using a powerful motor which moves a chain quickly around a guide bar. The reasons behind the chainsaw’s popularity are the simplicity in its operation and the briskness of how it does its job.

However, it requires a high level of caution when using a chainsaw because of the mentioned power it possesses. It is powerful enough to make mincemeat of cutting trees with slimmer trunks and branches and makes thicker ones less laborious. This form of tree cutting tools is also a portable one, a trait that contributes to its prevalence.

While there are chainsaws that get their power from gasoline, they can come in electric powered ones as well. Gas type chainsaws can have loud motors but can do neater cuts. Electricity-reliant ones are less rowdy, do not emit emissions, but could not match the power of its gasoline counterpart.

Another kind of tree cutting tool is known as the bow saw. One of the more basic tree cutting tools, it is composed of a lengthy metal handle that holds a sharp blade on either side. The blade has ridges that help it to do its purpose and is as long as the said handle.

The bow saw is easy to use. You just rock the saw in a back and forth motion against the area of the tree branch or trunk, until this breaks or falls. Aside from its straightforward quality, this saw is also known as a cost-friendly way of cutting trees since it does not need gas or electricity for it to work. Its handle is designed to be as ergonomic as possible.

The chopping ax is included in the list of tree cutting tools that just need manpower. The ax is formed with a long vertical handle, which has a sharp, smooth metal blade connected to its topmost area. The handle allows its user to swing the ax onto the tree trunk with whatever amount of force is needed.

Tree trunks with a wider girth can be felled after constant swinging, while slimmer ones and tree branches will be just a walk in the park for this ax. On the other hand, you can cover the blade with a sheath when the ax is not in use. This protects this tool from rusting or warping.

The range of tree cutting tools is not limited to those that only cut trees, but it also includes safety equipment for its users.

Among these safe tree cutting tools are the cut-resistant gloves. These provide protection for your hands against injury, while still allowing your hands to do the proper movements for the job. You can also grip the tree cutting tools perfectly with gloves.

Next is the chainsaw chaps, which are pants that can protect you from injuries caused by tree cutting tools. While the chaps are not necessary for light cutting work, they are essential when you start to use the powered chainsaw. 

Lastly, another essential piece of equipment is the chainsaw helmet. It is composed of a strong shell, earmuffs, and a visor. The shell safeguards your head from tree branches that may fall, while the earmuffs block the noise a chainsaw creates, and the visor screens your face from debris.


Cutting trees can be a difficult task and can be done for construction or safety reasons. Whichever reason you may have for cutting trees, it is wise to use efficient and effective tools and protective gear.